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The Trust is an institution of Anglo-Saxon origin now spread worldwide.

Italy, thanks to “the Hague Convention” on the law applicable to the Trust from January 1, ’92 not only recognizes the legitimacy of the Trust established all ‘foreign but also allows the establishment in Italy.

With a subject said Settlor Trust relies on property and moved to a person of his choice Sad said one or more assets, giving it the control and management for the purposes established by the Settlor in the ‘interest of one or more beneficiaries.

The position of assets in Trust, is the following:

they are no longer the Settlor that it is stripped by placing them under the control of the Trustee, leaving scene
are separated from the well by the Trustee
not yet beneficiaries, it will be only at the end of the Trust
Is important to emphasize the difference between the bottom sheet and the trust with a similar function.

With the bottom sheet spouses allocate certain assets to meet the needs of the family.

The limits are:

it must be conjugal family and the bottom sheet lasts as long as the marriage, ceasing after divorce, annulment of the civil effects or death of either spouse (subject to the effects in favor of any minor children). Instead the trust may be established by non-spouses and lasts until the date set by the settlor.

May be subject to capital fund only the buildings, furniture recorded (vehicles, boats, aircraft) and debt names. In contrast to the trust fund be open to all kinds of goods, furniture (even money), real estate, receivables, intangible assets, without limitations.

The assets of the fund assets do not have complete protection against creditors, and also creating difficulties for spouses regarding the burden of proof. Instead the trust property are segregated in the assets of the trustee and insensitive to the personal stories of the same and of the settlor.

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